Michelin Virtual Cyber Racing Series 2021

Win MICHELIN goodies, MICHELIN tyres and part of the RM70,000 prize pool!

Results will be published the night after the race on the Official Michelin Virtual Racing Series site under the Results Tab attached with the Stewards Report


Registrations are open now and close the 27th of June. Registration here.

There are no age requirements at the moment. However, we would be vetting the racers through before the Tournament rounds

  • 1. Facebook Account
  • 2. Twitch/Youtube Account
  • 3. Zoom Account
  • 4. Webcam
  • 5. Internet connection
  • 6. Active PSN
  • 7. Gran Turismo Sport game​
  • 8. Playstation 4​
  • 9. Contact number

First and foremost, register yourself up through the website, along with a video of your best lap time. If you succeed as the top 94, you will be invited to the verification Time Trial, where you will need to be live on Zoom as you set lap times. Once you’ve passed the Verification Race Session, you would then move on to the Tournament Rounds, there will be 3 Tournament Rounds before proceeding to the Semi Finals and Finals.

  • 1. Drivers will have to use the M6 GT3 for the TimeTrial (no tuning allowed, BoP ON)
  • 2. Any Gr.3 Cars except vision Gran Turismo cars are permitted for the tournament
    • a. Decals from competing tyre manufacturer brands are not allowed
    • b. BoP ON, tuning not allowed

Yes , as long they do not have any other tyres brands than Michelin. We would highly recommend racers to come up with their own livery as there would also be prizes for “Best Livery”. Livery must Include Michelin branding on cars and racing suits

The Michelin Virtual Racing Series will be held online , connecting with Racers via Zoom and Tournament Rounds will be livestreamed through Michelin’s Facebook Page

No, change will not be permitted once you’ve locked in your Livery & Details

Organisers will update participants 1 week prior to the Verification Time Trial

Add MichelinMy01 in your PS account. The lobby would appear 10 Minutes before the Race Starts under the Name “Michelin Virtual Racing”