Michelin Virtual Cyber Racing Series 2021

Win MICHELIN goodies, MICHELIN tyres and part of the RM70,000 prize pool!


Time Trial Entry

  • The race will run on GT Sport and Playstation 4.
  • Submit an online form that includes your personal details, best hot lap and the stream upload link of that session
  • BMW M6 GT3 M Power as the compulsory car for submission using Racing Medium Tyres
    • No other Tyre Manufacturer other than Michelin throughout the vehicle, tyre sticker, race suit and helmet. (Michelin Decals must be visible from a distance)
  • Sardegna Road Track A II (Clear Weather, Afternoon) is the compulsory track for time attack submission
  • Lobby Settings
    • BoP ON and Tuning is prohibited
    • Race Medium Tyres only
    • All Race Assists OFF and ABS set at weak
    • Fuel Consumption and Tyre wear is off
    • Time penalty for cutting course
  • Stream Requirements
    • No longer than 15 minutes
    • Must include lobby and car settings
    • Not edited between hot laps and lobby screen
    • Title must include PSN ID and “Michelin Virtual Racing Entry”
    • Account set to PUBLIC

Verification Time Trial

  • Top 100 fastest times may be required to attend Verification Time Trial
  • If there are any drivers that cannot match the time that was submitted +/- 1 second will be discarded from the top 100. The next best lap time will be invited for the next round of verification time trial until we have the top 100 times.
  • Selected few are required to verify their claimed lap times in a lobby hosted by the organisers at a specified date
  • Failure to verify your times will result in disqualification
  • Lobby settings based on Time Trial Entry settings

 Race Weekend

  • Finalist will be grouped accordingly to Advance and Experts respectively
  • Participants will participate in a tournament style match up for 3 Rounds, Top Half of the groups will move on to the Play-Offs, and finalist will move on with Finals
  • Gr3 Vehicles mandatory except Vision GranTurismo vehicles
    • No other Tyre Manufacturer other than Michelin throughout the vehicle, tyre stickers, race suit and helmet. (Michelin Decals must be visible from a distance)
    • Designing your own livery is encouraged, prize given to best design
    • Tuning Prohibited, BoP ON.
  • Track will be announced 48 Hours before race begins
  • Lobby Settings are the same with Time Trial with the exception of tyre wear variable that changes depending on track and Fuel Consumption OFF. Between 10x to 20x
  • Mandatory 1 Tyre change for all Races
    • Compulsory to start the race with Racing Soft Tyres
    • 1 tyre change pitstop for every race is compulsory
  • Mandatory Zoom feed will be used to display the faces of all participants during livestream
    • Driver of the Day voting results will be given an advantage to the following rounds
  • Participants must send Playstation Network friend requests to the following accounts latest by 24 hours prior to Round 1, failure to do so will result in you not being able to participate. Organisers will not wait for participants to start the race
    • MichelinMy01
    • MSFRacing01
  • Protest window is within 30 minutes of the race finishing and is required to follow the given template
    • Race number:
    • Protest against:
    • Lap:
    • Turn: